Information from Hawaii Department of Health

Recently, others have posted to Facebook modified excerpts from letters from the Hawaii Department of Health. So that residents can benefit from complete information, we want to share these two letters in their entirety here:

In March 2014, a citizen requested information from the Department of Health about soils in MCBH housing. Below is the response (also see in PDF form):

March 2014 Letter - Page 1 March 2014 Letter - Page 2 March 2014 Letter - Page 3 March 2014 Letter - Page 4


Below are two letters from October 2014. (Also in PDF form: Hawaii Department of Health letter dated October 1, 2014 and Hawaii Department of Health letter dated May 22, 2014)

October 2014 Letter - Page 1 October 2014 Letter - Page 2 October 2014 Letter - Page 3

May 2014 Letter - Page 1 May 2014 Letter - Page 2 May 2014 Letter - Page 3


This website is intended to address questions regarding residual pesticides in the soil located at the Marine Corps family housing at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay. We listen to our residents and take their concerns seriously.

To answer residents’ questions, we created this website with accurate information and facts that will be updated periodically. We want to assure that residents are informed and can review the facts firsthand.

Please feel free to contact your Resident Services Office if we can provide additional information:

Makai Resident Services Office
Serving the neighborhoods of Kaluapuni, Mokolea, Mololani, Nani Ulupau, Pa Honua, & Ulupau
Phone: (808) 839-8700
1931 Campion Drive (inside the Mololani Community Center), Kaneohe Bay (MCBH)
Mauka Resident Services Office
Serving the neighborhoods of Hawaii Loa, Hana Like, Heleloa, Kapoho, & Waikulu
Phone: (808) 839-8710
5081 Bingham Way (inside the Waikulu Community Center), Kaneohe Bay (MCBH)